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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The twenty euro Chanel horror.

So. I have this friend... She's very sweet and kind and well, she's just plain amazing - obviously, cause she's my friend. Anyhow, she's also mad about a certain French Fashion house known as Chanel. Rings a bell?

Before I continue, I must tell you that I need some advice on this. Some of this girl's friends happen to think she might be taking it a notch too far. They fear a true obsession, an addiction even. I, on the other hand, do not agree with them at all. I think it's very normal and healthy to long for a moss green suede 2.55 jumbo. Or a classic quilted black leather one. With a gold chain strap. And a delicate gold printed Chanel stamp on the inside of the flap. Anyhow, not all of my friends seem to think like me.

Ok. So this is the case. Yesterday the above mentioned friend ran into my other friend E.W.
E.W. had just returned from a lover's getaway in Thailand. She spoke about the incredible vintage market she went to, how cool it all had been and about her amazing finds. My friend listened with a big smile, and was very happy that friend E.W. had had such a great time.
E.W.:"You would have loved it, it was huge and everything was so cheap! They even had real Chanel bags for 20 euro." 
Suddenly I freezed. Ehhh, I mean, my friend freezed. She freezed and turned her head, looking E.W. straight in the eyes, begging her to be joking: "20 euro!!?", she cried out. "20 euro?! A Chanel! For 20 euro?! A real Chanel!?", she screamed.

A little hesitant and uncertain E.W. looked at her and said: "Yes... a real Chanel for 20 euro." "And you didn't buy it for me!? A REAL CHANEL!?! FOR 20 EURO!" That was the moment when she snapped, tears sprang to her eyes, and suddenly it felt way too crowded in the hallway, with all the other students leaving the lecture room. She excused herself from E.W. and quickly ran to the exit, inhaling the fresh air as she made it outside. After a minute or two she refound control over her breathing, and leaned back to the brick wall.
A real Chanel bag, she thought depressed, for only twenty euro... That's the same I spend on an average day on groceries, or on two cocktails at Harry's Bar. One bra from Topshop is twenty euros, or two return train tickets to The Hague... A real Chanel bag...
However, after fifteen minutes or so she decided it was time to move on. Only quickly considering how much a ticket to Bangkok would cost and if it would be worth flying over the entire globe, she firmly shook her head and although not meant for others she accidentally said with a strict tone: "No!". A little embarrassed by all the surprised looks for talking out loud, she quickly re-entered the building. Upon seeing her friend E.W. they hugged and kissed and made up. Although E.W.'s last remark was still quite painful ("No, of course I didn't buy it, I mean, why would I need a Chanel?"), she firmly repeated her new life mantra: "There are more important things in life than Chanel. There are more important things in life than Chanel."

And I agree. I think. Right?

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Margot said...

Aaah poor little thing, that friend of yours. But remember: she CAN remove an other thing from her wishlist...

mamselldoinel said...

i love reading your stories!

Chelsea Lane said...

awh this story is tragic :) 20 euro?! really? and ew didn't buy it?!?! ;)


Shalysse said...

haha this story made me laugh! i really love the layout of your blog (:

feel free to checkout the giveaway on my blog (:

Emilie said...

Thank you guys, I'm quite sure that these comments will cheer my friend up :)

Rosie said...

Haha! I would just love a Chanel bag for that price, as I'm sure most people would.

Rosie x

would love for you to take a look at my new blog:

Romy said...

funny! & nice bag :P
i like you blog! i follow you!

you are welcome in to my blog everytime you want



Becky-May said...

i love this! i just found your blog anf think it's great. i am too very very fond of all things chanel, but there are more important things in life!

now following you! i would love if you took a look at my blog




Finder said...

cool stories...

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Anna said...

Love your writings. Is she sure it was real? 20 euro? I would probably had the same reaction :(

Emilie said...

Thank you for all your lovely thoughts! Let's just hope she misunderstood the price... Please take a look at my latest post too!


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