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By: Mike Mills

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Colour obsession: soft salmon

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fancy file

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Autumn Wishlist

Autumn's coming... And although I will definitely miss the sun, I  must admit I'm a true autumn girl. I love suede and leather, I adore the color palet of the changing seasons and I'm a big fan of layering. And now I can start wearing my tights, cosy gloves and knitted headbands again. To be completely honest, I cannot wait...!

Nudes, beet red, soft salmon, moss green, ink blue and oker yellow... Pick your favourite!
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PS Just bought A-MA-ZING suede moss green high laced ankle boots with a wedged heel. Pic will follow...
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A walk in the forrest on a stormy Sunday afternoon. Drinking some steamy hot tea and sitting at the fireplace under a sheepskin blanket. Autumn, you're my friend.

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Check out Fashiolista for more stylish autumn looks. Get inspired...
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silly sirens have put a spell on me.

Sometimes a good chat with your friends can reveal sudden insights. Still in gorgeous Greece, I found myself lying on a sunbed the other day, one friend on my left, the other on my right. It's close to six o'clock, when the light turns a bit softer, but the sun is still shining its fierce rays of heat on the wavy sea. We're daydreaming about what we would do if we suddenly had ten million in our pocket, whispering our names, impatiently waiting to be spend. One friend would buy a nice house in Amsterdam where she and all her friends could then live, the other said she would travel the world, and I – obviously – said I would fly to Chanel to get my long loved classic purse. Oh and a Mini Cooper and a pair of Louboutins, please. Not to mention the walk-in-closet we would all built in our new bought villa. (“I'd have a palazzo in Florence, a stylish beach villa in Ibiza and a cosy chalet somewhere in the Alps.” dreams friend B.)

After a deep sigh, the dream of having such wonderful things, was rudely disturbed by a rather unpleasant feeling that slowly came upon all of us. Was it embarrassment? Or just plain uneasiness? At the same time we all realized how shallow our dreams were, and we were getting more and more philosophical as the sun was sinking deeper in the sea. No, we're no saints, so this post won't preach about giving the ten million to charity – which is a good spend, but it's not what made us realize the silliness of our dreams.

We came to talk about what really drives us in life. Is that the sight of having so much money you can buy everything you like? Or is there more?

On a – perhaps called decadent by some – deserted little beach on one of Greece's most pretty islands, with nothing more to do than sleep or stare into the sea, intense talks can start showing their face. Whether you agree or not, when friend W. reveals she loves to be a mother of five and be happily married, living somewhere under the Tuscan sun, it makes you go deeper and deeper into your own ambitions and aspirations of life. Buying a boat for your brother, or a classic vintage Porsche for your dad might seem the first things you'd like to achieve, but when it comes down to it, the deeper side is that you'd love to share your wealth, whether that's in money or in other ways. Or the fact that you like a somewhat decadent lifestyle could be seen as ok as long as you keep appreciating the specialness of the act. The things I want out of life are happiness in what I do for a living, making it motivating and exciting to go to work; seeing the most beautiful places of the world in – yes, I'll admit it, I might be a bit superficial – a way not many get to see it. Not to be able to brag about it, but just to feel pampered, to feel special and luxuriated. Driving speedboats with friends, drinking champaign, blowing up our speakers with some relaxing tunes. Swimming under waterfalls in hidden spots. Going to Place Vendôme in Paris and walking into one of the most amazing jewelery stores to have your hubbie say: “go pick out the one thing you like best”. And then see yourself running around the store as excited as a child can be in a toy store. Only to find that you're not the person for huge diamonds and stones, but rather wear something more humble and elegant, and so end up getting a raised eyebrow by the before mentioned hubbie, who quickly turns back to normal and closes the deal. Or what about getting an invite for a special fashionparty in Paris, London or NY and being able to meet all of those you've so much wanted to meet? Being dressed in an amazing vintage Valentino, smiling so much that at the end of the night it feels as if you've been doing drugs, high on euphoria and your jaws caught in that smile so tightly it's nearly impossible to stop. 

How is it that this island somehow makes me daydream endlessly? Sirens, have you put a spell on me?

Love, Emilie

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream on baby.

My dear readers,

Holiday has made me lazy, with no Internet other than a lousy wifi connection in a random cafe, I can't be bothered to actually sit down and write... Sorry for that. However, I am excited to go back to work and be the ambitious fashion journalist that I was before this Greek mentality hit me. It has been by far the most relaxing holiday, especially after a year that consisted of so many intense moments with new people, new insights and new worlds. I now know that if you envision your life the way you think it should be, everything is possible. With a little hard work, that is. I believe that that - hard work -, drive and passion are the keys to success. Reaching for the sky is no longer a silly dream, it's an actual goal that I am sure I will achieve one day. A couple days before I left for sunny beaches and bright blue skies, I got a phone call from fashiolista that I had been promoted to editor-in-chief! And although my plane left at an inhumane time (05.00 - early rise birdies!) I couldn't stop myself from wandering around the airport with an insane grin.

My friends were more sane and booked a later flight, but I never mind flying on my own. It always makes me feel quite grown-up, clicking my heels on the tiles of the airport, carrying my little carry-on suitcase and drinking a coffee on the go. I always fantasize about what people think when they see me walking on my own. 'Perhaps she's a fashion stylist for a magazine and is off to a sunny deserted island to style a photoshoot.' 'That girl is obviously out to Thailand to check out a new Spa resort to write about.' Or: 'Maybe she's on her way to see her loved one and she'll be reunited with him when the plane hits ground. They'll stay in bed for a weekend of intimate cuddling and passionate sex, only getting out to catch a glimpse of the sunset and a starry nights sky at his garden rooftop terrace, before heading back to reality.'

I never allow myself to think about what they are more probably thinking. Things like: 'Why the fuck would someone put on heels at 3.30 in the morning if she's just in an airplane the entire morning?!' Or: 'God. That poor girl's all alone, she looks like a total workaholic without any friends or a real life.'

My friend (because I am NOT that last stated girl who has no friends!) once told me that visualizing is realizing. So fuck it, I'll just keep thinking that I look adorable in my black canvas wedges, clicking away, wearing my new fave pair of satin loose paisley printed harems and a wide tee, tucked in the waist band of my trousers. I'll be that fashion journalist that I envision myself to be, I'll be whoever I want to be. Not to be able to say: "Yes. I am now living my dream.", because frankly I am already living it. But just to be happy with who I am.

A last confession; I am actually sitting under the arches of a Venetian influenced building, drinking a delicious espresso macchiato, once every so often lifting my head up to the street and the people in search for the right words while typing this. That lousy cafe is actually one of the most beautiful places in Corfu Town, inspiring me with hopes and dreams that I desperately felt like sharing. And guess what? I am already visualizing peoples opinion about that girl who looks so very adventurous, sitting at a table, with her white rayban clubmaster sunglasses on, a lace scarf tied loosely in her uncombed hair giving it that nonchalant beach look. She MUST be a journalist, writing her next bestselling article that she's about to send to one of the magazines she's freelancing for.

Ah. Dream on baby. May all my dreams become reality one day.

Love, Emilie

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special summer's treat

It's a fact: my summer holiday has officially started. Only a couple weeks later than most of us, I am now fully relaxing. Brilliant beach days, filled with reading about Vogue's fall trends, a fruitshake in one hand, my iPod summer tunes in the other, I feel quite content. Alex, our personal beach boy at Bahia del Mare, comes running whenever we give him a wink, with ice cold frappes and cheesecake. Dinner nights at the harbour in the old fort, cocktails on a roof terrace with the sight of hundreds of flickering lights, boating, dressing up and intense chats: it's a special summers treat. Tomorrow we're picking up our Fiat Panda, for cruises down the island and exploring hidden treasures. More updates will follow soon!
For now, polla fila apo tin Kerkyra!

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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Soho Hearts presents Prêt - à - Portea

Wednesday afternoon I received an email from a friend asking me if I was interested in seeing the FW 2010 collection of accessories label Soho Hearts. Well, that could be quite cool... I thought, delighted by the idea of meeting the brain behind this successful brand. Juliette Booker, a Dutchie based in NYC, designs jewelry for every age and every style. She has tons of celebrities in Hollywood wearing her design, so no doubt it would be an inspiring gathering.

Perhaps I should've put a little more effort in finding out what it was exactly that we were going to though, as upon arrival I noticed the other guests were wearing shimmering and sequined cocktaildresses, and all looked unbelievably glamourous. My outfit was a slight clash between the classes... It consisted of high waisted black shorts with a simple tee, my fave new wedges (the black canvas ones, see post below) and black dotted tights. With holes and a couple big ladders in it. Yes, very sophisticated indeed. 

But after seeing the interior of the party I was totally overwhelmed and completely forgot about my underdressed look. The party - or Prêt-à-Portea as it was called - was in a beautiful old 'grachtenpand' (house on the canal) with marble everywhere and huge chandeliers lighting up the cosy and intimite, yet also classy and spacious room. Filled with stylish and hot people who were drinking cocktails (yay, how I love the fabulous shakerboys!), catching up, dancing a bit on DJ Mayday's funky tunes and... checking out the high tea that looked so stunningly chic. Vintage tea cups and plates in all sizes and shapes, scones and chocolate cake, cute little cucumber sandwiches were all stalled on a big table, along with the highlights of the new jewelry collection. This was a somewhat different brand presentation than what I had expected, but oh was I loving it! The interior mirrored the collection, looking so British chic, yet stylish and a little edgy at times (skull headband, spikey bracelets).

I have two definite favourites of the new collection: I like the neon earrings with silver, but I was totally and utterly in love with the bunny headbands. They remind me of Louis Vuittons headbands, but so much more wearable. And as Juliette - looking amazing in a babyblue puffy dress - explained: "You can wear the ears to the side for daytime, but when night comes they can stand up, like a naughty bunny girl."

Dewi, a Dutch singer (who also looked adorable in her ballerina skirt with thick black tights and shiney black wedges) was giving an amazing performance and the actual brand presentation with models walking between the guests was unusual but very informal and made the collection feel accessible to anyone at any age at any time. Very well done.

I spoke with a couple bloggers, some models and some other interesting people, but after trying all the different cocktails the shakerboys had on their little menu, I decided it was time to head home. I've had a fabulous time, this is definitely a night that will stay on top of my mind.

Thank you Soho Hearts, also for the lovely goodiebag (big bulky silver ring with cobalt blue stone and charcoal Rituals eyeshadow!) and the wonderfully inspiring night.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Making excushoes

Strappy sandals, wicked wedges or the
perfect pair of black heels: what's not to love?
As summer proceeds, so does the summersale. Though my closet has officially reached its limit, I strongly believe a girl can never have too many shoes. Apparently I don't stand alone in this as Sweden brings us more than just H&M: home product retailer Ikea is there for a girl like me.

Ikea came up with the luminous idea of big roll out baskets that perfectly fit under your bed. An easy storage for my countless pairs of heels... It does embarrass me sometimes, when - for example - a friend is at my place and I feel the strong urge to - big sigh from friend - change my look yet again. I open my closet doors, pull out a series of tops and shorts, quickly decide what to wear and then pull out my drawer from under the bed to find a matching pair of open toed strappy sandals, wicked wedges or the perfect pair of black heels. The friend wants to speak, is dying to speak, but simply can't: the astonishing look of my beloved heels is mind blowing and is making them speechless. I know the feeling, believe me. Why do you think I am always late? It's the shoes. They're the ones to blame.

Canvas black newbies will provide elegance
Anyhow, they are so very useful, these drawers. My shoes are all stored under my bed, neatly lined up, waiting to be the lucky pick of the day and to be worn, out in the sun, onto the streets.

And when they are the chosen pair, they do a little dance, smile politely to the mailman, grin sarcastically to tourists and raise their eyebrows when an 'interesting' other floats by. The threat of losing their status as #1 is always there, and so they try to keep me away from shoe stores as much as they can. I thank them for that.

But shoes are like people. They sometimes need a change of scene, meet intriguing new pairs, chat with special ones, sleep with someone other than the usual one. It can get rather boring for them, these countless pairs of shoes, stored in the dark, under my bed. They need someone to spice things up a little. And that is exactly when they decide to subtly lure me to the shops...

And that, my dear readers, is how it happened that I came home with three pairs of new heels last week.  I'm not to blame, nor is the weatherman. It's the shoes themselves!

No doubt a red suede pair of wedges with three cute little straps will add some colour and a little spanish temperament, a mouse grey pair will most likely bring some peace, and (this weeks favourite) black canvas wedges with open toe and open sides will surely take care of some elegance in my basket drawer. I intend to take good care of my shoes, so they will do the same for me. And, well, if this makes my shoes happy, who am I to complain...?

No doubt a red pair will add some spice in my basket drawer

Take care of your shoes, and your shoes will take care of you
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Monday, August 02, 2010

Rule #1: Never leave the house naked.

In need of some more ridiculous fashion rules? Buy 'Never leave the house naked' here!

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