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By: Mike Mills

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dream on baby.

My dear readers,

Holiday has made me lazy, with no Internet other than a lousy wifi connection in a random cafe, I can't be bothered to actually sit down and write... Sorry for that. However, I am excited to go back to work and be the ambitious fashion journalist that I was before this Greek mentality hit me. It has been by far the most relaxing holiday, especially after a year that consisted of so many intense moments with new people, new insights and new worlds. I now know that if you envision your life the way you think it should be, everything is possible. With a little hard work, that is. I believe that that - hard work -, drive and passion are the keys to success. Reaching for the sky is no longer a silly dream, it's an actual goal that I am sure I will achieve one day. A couple days before I left for sunny beaches and bright blue skies, I got a phone call from fashiolista that I had been promoted to editor-in-chief! And although my plane left at an inhumane time (05.00 - early rise birdies!) I couldn't stop myself from wandering around the airport with an insane grin.

My friends were more sane and booked a later flight, but I never mind flying on my own. It always makes me feel quite grown-up, clicking my heels on the tiles of the airport, carrying my little carry-on suitcase and drinking a coffee on the go. I always fantasize about what people think when they see me walking on my own. 'Perhaps she's a fashion stylist for a magazine and is off to a sunny deserted island to style a photoshoot.' 'That girl is obviously out to Thailand to check out a new Spa resort to write about.' Or: 'Maybe she's on her way to see her loved one and she'll be reunited with him when the plane hits ground. They'll stay in bed for a weekend of intimate cuddling and passionate sex, only getting out to catch a glimpse of the sunset and a starry nights sky at his garden rooftop terrace, before heading back to reality.'

I never allow myself to think about what they are more probably thinking. Things like: 'Why the fuck would someone put on heels at 3.30 in the morning if she's just in an airplane the entire morning?!' Or: 'God. That poor girl's all alone, she looks like a total workaholic without any friends or a real life.'

My friend (because I am NOT that last stated girl who has no friends!) once told me that visualizing is realizing. So fuck it, I'll just keep thinking that I look adorable in my black canvas wedges, clicking away, wearing my new fave pair of satin loose paisley printed harems and a wide tee, tucked in the waist band of my trousers. I'll be that fashion journalist that I envision myself to be, I'll be whoever I want to be. Not to be able to say: "Yes. I am now living my dream.", because frankly I am already living it. But just to be happy with who I am.

A last confession; I am actually sitting under the arches of a Venetian influenced building, drinking a delicious espresso macchiato, once every so often lifting my head up to the street and the people in search for the right words while typing this. That lousy cafe is actually one of the most beautiful places in Corfu Town, inspiring me with hopes and dreams that I desperately felt like sharing. And guess what? I am already visualizing peoples opinion about that girl who looks so very adventurous, sitting at a table, with her white rayban clubmaster sunglasses on, a lace scarf tied loosely in her uncombed hair giving it that nonchalant beach look. She MUST be a journalist, writing her next bestselling article that she's about to send to one of the magazines she's freelancing for.

Ah. Dream on baby. May all my dreams become reality one day.

Love, Emilie

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Je hebt een erg leuke blog, ga vooral zo door!

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