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By: Mike Mills

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Special summer's treat

It's a fact: my summer holiday has officially started. Only a couple weeks later than most of us, I am now fully relaxing. Brilliant beach days, filled with reading about Vogue's fall trends, a fruitshake in one hand, my iPod summer tunes in the other, I feel quite content. Alex, our personal beach boy at Bahia del Mare, comes running whenever we give him a wink, with ice cold frappes and cheesecake. Dinner nights at the harbour in the old fort, cocktails on a roof terrace with the sight of hundreds of flickering lights, boating, dressing up and intense chats: it's a special summers treat. Tomorrow we're picking up our Fiat Panda, for cruises down the island and exploring hidden treasures. More updates will follow soon!
For now, polla fila apo tin Kerkyra!

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Margot said...

Enjoy darling!!

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