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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Soho Hearts presents Prêt - à - Portea

Wednesday afternoon I received an email from a friend asking me if I was interested in seeing the FW 2010 collection of accessories label Soho Hearts. Well, that could be quite cool... I thought, delighted by the idea of meeting the brain behind this successful brand. Juliette Booker, a Dutchie based in NYC, designs jewelry for every age and every style. She has tons of celebrities in Hollywood wearing her design, so no doubt it would be an inspiring gathering.

Perhaps I should've put a little more effort in finding out what it was exactly that we were going to though, as upon arrival I noticed the other guests were wearing shimmering and sequined cocktaildresses, and all looked unbelievably glamourous. My outfit was a slight clash between the classes... It consisted of high waisted black shorts with a simple tee, my fave new wedges (the black canvas ones, see post below) and black dotted tights. With holes and a couple big ladders in it. Yes, very sophisticated indeed. 

But after seeing the interior of the party I was totally overwhelmed and completely forgot about my underdressed look. The party - or Prêt-à-Portea as it was called - was in a beautiful old 'grachtenpand' (house on the canal) with marble everywhere and huge chandeliers lighting up the cosy and intimite, yet also classy and spacious room. Filled with stylish and hot people who were drinking cocktails (yay, how I love the fabulous shakerboys!), catching up, dancing a bit on DJ Mayday's funky tunes and... checking out the high tea that looked so stunningly chic. Vintage tea cups and plates in all sizes and shapes, scones and chocolate cake, cute little cucumber sandwiches were all stalled on a big table, along with the highlights of the new jewelry collection. This was a somewhat different brand presentation than what I had expected, but oh was I loving it! The interior mirrored the collection, looking so British chic, yet stylish and a little edgy at times (skull headband, spikey bracelets).

I have two definite favourites of the new collection: I like the neon earrings with silver, but I was totally and utterly in love with the bunny headbands. They remind me of Louis Vuittons headbands, but so much more wearable. And as Juliette - looking amazing in a babyblue puffy dress - explained: "You can wear the ears to the side for daytime, but when night comes they can stand up, like a naughty bunny girl."

Dewi, a Dutch singer (who also looked adorable in her ballerina skirt with thick black tights and shiney black wedges) was giving an amazing performance and the actual brand presentation with models walking between the guests was unusual but very informal and made the collection feel accessible to anyone at any age at any time. Very well done.

I spoke with a couple bloggers, some models and some other interesting people, but after trying all the different cocktails the shakerboys had on their little menu, I decided it was time to head home. I've had a fabulous time, this is definitely a night that will stay on top of my mind.

Thank you Soho Hearts, also for the lovely goodiebag (big bulky silver ring with cobalt blue stone and charcoal Rituals eyeshadow!) and the wonderfully inspiring night.

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