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By: Mike Mills

Sunday, February 28, 2010

I ♥...

Sometimes I wish I could label myself HANDWASH ONLY for those extra delicate days
Michi, Like I give a frock

Like I give a frock

"Drinking when we are not thirsty and making love at all seasons, madam, that is all there is to distinguish us from other animals." P.A. Caron de Beaumarchais 1732-1799

Friday, February 26, 2010

I ♥...

...Having coffee in your AMFI-break at a cute coffee shop, to avoid the hecticness that surrounds the school, and so concentrate on your project more, only to read magazines and catch up on the new gossip.

I ♥...

...Getting a two page update by mail on your friends’ life, who lives on the other side of the globe.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Beyond green: just jealousy or environmental inspired?

Just got a newsletter on the weekly update of my fave online store; asos.com. However, instead of drooling over the latest trends they are covering, my eye was caught by the tiny girl that supposedly is seen as the new it-girl: miss Tavi. This girl is definitely a wonderchild in the Oasis-song-way, but is it truely necessary to see her as one of the new style icons? I find it slightly - only slightly - repulsive that asos is copying her style. Not that I don't admire this special 13 yr old, but I am not sure whether I find her way of dress that inspiring. I think that she as this young child she still is, has an amazing sense of what can turn into a trend, and her knowledge about runway shows - even about those held before her even being born - is amazing. Can't help but wonder if she's the talk of the town in fashionland, just because it's rarely found that someone her age knows so much, rather than being really trendsetting? I don't know, perhaps I am just a bit jealous because I do love her in this outfit, plus the fact asos is covering blogger t-shirts with an environmental note, is something I highly admire...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I ♥...

...Sunkissed kiwi gold that is so sweet it nearly kills you, dripping all over your chin, whilst sitting on a sunbed in Greece.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My very own blog is a fact

Wow. I suppose I can now consider myself as the true owner of my very own blog. I have to admit that feels a bit strange, as if I am opening my diary up to the entire world, allowing them to read my closest thoughts.

I will use this blog to report all my pretty discoveries. Because I genuinely believe sharing is a thing that binds, and binding gives the soul happiness.

Hundreds of new blogs are popping up every day, but this is merely a place where I can express thoughts of inspiring photos, chunky-funky fashion finds, and cute little things that make me smile. Because you know that a smile a day keeps the doctor away.

Based in the heart of Amsterdam, close to its tiny streets with hidden gems and cosy coffee bars (no, I don't mean coffee shops, there IS a difference!), I bike around the city photographing anything that triggers my mind in the search for inspiration. Studying Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, allows me to spend time in an atmosphere full of ambitious boys and girls, who all have a shared passion for, yes, fashion. I spend a great amount of time travelling, wandering around the streets of London, discovering the fashion sense of cities like Prague, Antwerp and Madrid, partying in Berlin and sunbathing in Greece. Then there is Florence, to which I gave my heart a couple years ago, when living there. Its pounding energy that arrives as soon as the sun comes up, made me love this city for its true Italian vibe, drenched in old masters of art and fashion. Though I will always remain a true Dutchie, I try to learn as much as possible from my international friends, who inspire me to see things in a different way.

That's it for now, please forgive any stupid mistakes, but I am new at this. Though following blogs for quite some time now, I still have to figure out the how's and what's this blog is offering me.

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