<< All we ever wanted, was everything. >>
By: Mike Mills


Living in Amsterdam as a student of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I cross the city in the ever search for inspiration. 

The beginning of 2010 I felt the uncontrollable urge to share my fabulous finds with the world - and how better than by the one medium that is reachable to nearly everyone on this globe: the Internet. On a drizzly Sunday afternoon i heart all things pretty was created. It brings you the diary of a fabulous flirt with Fashion, that began on the day I discovered my mums silky crème underskirt would be so elegant to wear as a dress, tucked up high under the arms. I was three. 

It notes the beginning of our lifetime affair, that from that day on has been so divers every moment. We shared many exciting times, it knew liberating heights, but also depressing lows, energetic freakpoints and disappointing breakdowns - but most of all, my affair with Fashion has been extremely inspiring and still inspires me to this day on. 

Being also editor-in-chief for fast growing online fashion community Fashiolista with its blog, I often find myself in situations I never imagined. Make sure to check out the blog for more regular updates on events, parties and runway shows, or simply to get inspired with lush looks, trends or by bloggers. 

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