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By: Mike Mills

Monday, February 22, 2010

Beyond green: just jealousy or environmental inspired?

Just got a newsletter on the weekly update of my fave online store; asos.com. However, instead of drooling over the latest trends they are covering, my eye was caught by the tiny girl that supposedly is seen as the new it-girl: miss Tavi. This girl is definitely a wonderchild in the Oasis-song-way, but is it truely necessary to see her as one of the new style icons? I find it slightly - only slightly - repulsive that asos is copying her style. Not that I don't admire this special 13 yr old, but I am not sure whether I find her way of dress that inspiring. I think that she as this young child she still is, has an amazing sense of what can turn into a trend, and her knowledge about runway shows - even about those held before her even being born - is amazing. Can't help but wonder if she's the talk of the town in fashionland, just because it's rarely found that someone her age knows so much, rather than being really trendsetting? I don't know, perhaps I am just a bit jealous because I do love her in this outfit, plus the fact asos is covering blogger t-shirts with an environmental note, is something I highly admire...

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