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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Making excushoes

Strappy sandals, wicked wedges or the
perfect pair of black heels: what's not to love?
As summer proceeds, so does the summersale. Though my closet has officially reached its limit, I strongly believe a girl can never have too many shoes. Apparently I don't stand alone in this as Sweden brings us more than just H&M: home product retailer Ikea is there for a girl like me.

Ikea came up with the luminous idea of big roll out baskets that perfectly fit under your bed. An easy storage for my countless pairs of heels... It does embarrass me sometimes, when - for example - a friend is at my place and I feel the strong urge to - big sigh from friend - change my look yet again. I open my closet doors, pull out a series of tops and shorts, quickly decide what to wear and then pull out my drawer from under the bed to find a matching pair of open toed strappy sandals, wicked wedges or the perfect pair of black heels. The friend wants to speak, is dying to speak, but simply can't: the astonishing look of my beloved heels is mind blowing and is making them speechless. I know the feeling, believe me. Why do you think I am always late? It's the shoes. They're the ones to blame.

Canvas black newbies will provide elegance
Anyhow, they are so very useful, these drawers. My shoes are all stored under my bed, neatly lined up, waiting to be the lucky pick of the day and to be worn, out in the sun, onto the streets.

And when they are the chosen pair, they do a little dance, smile politely to the mailman, grin sarcastically to tourists and raise their eyebrows when an 'interesting' other floats by. The threat of losing their status as #1 is always there, and so they try to keep me away from shoe stores as much as they can. I thank them for that.

But shoes are like people. They sometimes need a change of scene, meet intriguing new pairs, chat with special ones, sleep with someone other than the usual one. It can get rather boring for them, these countless pairs of shoes, stored in the dark, under my bed. They need someone to spice things up a little. And that is exactly when they decide to subtly lure me to the shops...

And that, my dear readers, is how it happened that I came home with three pairs of new heels last week.  I'm not to blame, nor is the weatherman. It's the shoes themselves!

No doubt a red suede pair of wedges with three cute little straps will add some colour and a little spanish temperament, a mouse grey pair will most likely bring some peace, and (this weeks favourite) black canvas wedges with open toe and open sides will surely take care of some elegance in my basket drawer. I intend to take good care of my shoes, so they will do the same for me. And, well, if this makes my shoes happy, who am I to complain...?

No doubt a red pair will add some spice in my basket drawer

Take care of your shoes, and your shoes will take care of you
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