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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Some freaking dangerous shit, those leg-warmers.

What do you think of the overknee trend? Personally, I love it. I think it's a much warmer alternative to those thin tights I normally wear. Because even though those might have stripes, dots or little hearts, they do not keep the cold away from my legs. And so, to me, overknees and leg-warmers are a yes this winter. I must warn you though; they might not always be the safest option...

The other week I bought a pair of cool, knitted, half grey and half black leg-warmers at H&M. I wore them to a party that night (cannot recommend - bloody hot!), and to school a couple days later (can definitely recommend - lots of compliments). But here's the thing: as I live in Amsterdam, we Dutchies tend to transport ourselves by bikes. And biking while wearing these leg-warmers comes with certain risks. Ever had loose laces while riding your bicycle? Exactly. It's freaking dangerous shit. 

I had a similar experience yesterday, whilst riding to my friend's birthday dinner. I had just entered her street when I suddenly felt a strong force pulling my high heeled right foot down. It was as if someone from behind had grabbed my wedge and started pulling me from the back, making it impossible for me to cycle one meter more. I had to stop and step off, but simply couldn't. Apparently my leg-warmer had sagged all the way over my wedge and then twisted itself around my pedal... Whilst still sitting on my bike, I gave a pull to the warmer. No luck. A quick glance around ensured me no one was watching or secretly sniggering behind his curtains. After another three failed attempts, I finally found a way to step down, but - obviously... - not without landing gracefully on my knees. Thank god the dark started falling otherwise people would have surely noticed my warm, red cheeks. 

Still on my knees, another quick pull wasn't helpful either. I tried twisting the warmer the other way, but only made it worse. Hopelessly I stared around. Cars were racing by, people on bikes rushed to their warm homes, and no one cared to help. 

"It seemed the only solution was to undress myself right there and then."

Ha. Ha. Ok, so I got stuck. Doesn't matter. I coughed a few times. Then I produced a high, strange sound that was supposed to be some sort of nervous little laugh, but sounded like a newborn chick, and apologetically rolled my eyes to a passing lady who was walking her dog, as if surely everyone knows what it feels like to get stuck to your bike once every so often.

It seemed the only solution was to undress myself right there and then. Ignoring the sudden wind that attacked my leg whilst rolling down the leg-warmer, I bravely continued on my mission. Only to discover I had to take of my shoe first. While stumbling with my bike I unzipped my bootie, and as fast as I could took off the warmer. Whilst still balancing my way on the side of the bicycle lane, I now had one heel on (read: my new 13,5 cm high wedged boots...) and one foot on the ice cold pavement. After what felt like at least thirty minutes - but may have been a little less - I released the poor leg-warmer from its misery. Triumphantly I stretched my arm up in the air, holding my warmer as if it was a trophy I had just won for some exhausting athletic performance. My joy may have been sweet, it was also short, when I realised the rather unusual look I gave for passing strangers. I immediately dropped my arm and quickly inspected the sock. No holes or damaged bits. Completely relieved I put on my heel again, but just in time thought of the right leg-warmer I was still holding in my hands. I was not planning on making an even bigger fool out of myself by biking with only one warmer on. When everything was finally back in its original place, I jumped back on my bike.

I ensured myself no one had seen any of the previous behaviour. Completely satisfied with my discrete actions, I smiled and continued the last 100 meters to my friends doorstep. Then I heard someone fighting his laughs, and so I looked up to where it was coming from and noticed a group of at least six boys (read: hot seventeen year-olds may be way too young for a girl my age, in my heart I still feel fourteen). They were standing at the balcony above me and as soon as they saw me look up, they started laughing their heads off. 

Instead of a leg-warmer, I deserve an actual trophy, as I have never cycled those 100 meters as fast as that night. 

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Becky-May said...

i love the leg warmer trend, but they can be hard to pull off! can yoy show us a picture of yours?




Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Check out mine-


Kat (My Life Is A Mess) said...

Wow!What an adventure!
I guess you'll never wear the legwarmers again while riding your bike!
Maybe wearing only the one legwarmer could be you making a fashion statement!
I wish I could go everywhere by bike in my city too,even if this means not wearing legwarmers at all!

Emilie said...

Hi guys,
It was an adventure indeed... Haven't worn the leg warmers much since, but also because it is WAY to slippery outside to wear heels (and I do not decide upon such important matters easy). Will post a picture asap.
AND (!) make sure to come back soon as I just received the most amazing pre-christmas gift... NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!

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