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Friday, June 04, 2010

Fearing a fashion burnout

These past few days have been both wonderful and lovely as horrific. School has never asked more from us poor fashion freaks, and with this weather it's just no option to sit inside and start designing our brandbooks and brandmanuals. Taking my computer outside is another no-go, as the fierce sun turns the screen totally dark so you can't see a single thing.

Therefore, me and my fellow classmates have been hanging around in the park doing research and intense brainstorm sessions ("Why don't you think of your brand as a bird, we need to save memories, we all want goats and socks, life is a dream, people want to escape and chase their inner feelings, they want to feel alive and kicking and young" and more blabla, that - to anyone sitting in our near distance - probably sounds like complete rubbish, but to us makes total sense).

We've been drinking wine to start the inspiration process and keep our little radars working, and we've been shopping to see what's already out there. Not bad, you might say. Well think again, because today we all realized at the same moment that this is actually quite insane. Our studies is not a mere passing of the time where we occasionally loose our heads over, no AMFI is our life. You simply cannot sit around painting your nails and check hotties without ever loosing thought of your school assignments.

Say bye bye to care-free afternoons.

It's a true matter of life and death, and as soon as these four weeks are over, I seriously fear several fashion burnouts. This doesn't mean we aren't enjoying it - I am loving it to be honest. Perhaps not the part where I have to stay up all night to design a freaking conceptual coat, or going to the haberdashery once more after already five visits this week, but for the rest I truly think me and AMFI are having a serious flirt. Not just some fling though, I could definitely see this turn out in a long lasting relationship.

Anyway, this was not at all what I wanted to write about today. Today I wore my white flowery maxi dress. Quite a challenge, I must say, biking through Amsterdam with a dress that reaches the floor when I stand up without heels on, so long, it's only waiting to get caught in my wheel. To not make the bottom bit clean the tiles outside when strolling the streets, I had to find my highest heels to keep it clean and pretty. All dressed up and ready for the world to see me in my new outfit, I biked to the Sarphati park, where we were supposed to meet other fashiolistas.

We just entered the park, and I was floating my way to the fountain and smiling to everyone on my way. My friends were a little ahead of me, when suddenly my ankle made a squeaky sound and my knee decided to make an unexpected choice of twisting and bending and totally collapsing. Luckily I was spared a very embarrassing moment where I tripped and had everyone stare at me, because last minute I could find my balance and I was already straight up. After a quick glance around to see if anyone had noticed, I looked down to see what had caused this horrible effect and what had nearly made me break my neck. Apparently the Amsterdam municipality thought it would be useful to install a metal raster at every entrance of the park to scare off unwelcome guests (dogs mostly I presume?). This thing proves its work, as it was nearly impossible to safely reach the other side when wearing higher-than-life heels.

With a little help I made it accross to the other side, feeling like a true cord dancer. Next time I am so wearing my wedges.


Natalie said...

that is such a gorgeous maxi dress! love it :)


Emilie said...

Thank you! It's actually a Zara's dress. I love your blog a lot!

Logan said...

I enjoy reading your blog, Emilie! I think about you and others often. It is nice to be able to hear what you're up to. :)

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