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By: Mike Mills

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My wonderful world of Fashion

I am so sorry for not have written any sooner. I have been ill and although you might think that then would be the perfect time to grab your beloved Mac and give your readers another peek into your amazing life (sarcastically rolling my eyes now. Ouch, kinda hurts, try it), it wasn't. I am so so so very busy with school (which is probably the main reason I'm looking like a total crackhead that hasn't seen her bed in a week) that I just couldn't find a spare hour to enjoy you with funny fashion failures, or anything related.

Anyway, yesterday I handed in three assignments, and right now I am working on my brandpresentation that's due on thursday. After that only one more week of depression, frantic moments out of stress hormones, total anger against the entire world, break-down sessions and hysterically crying over my designs. Yup, life ain't easy for a fashiolista (another sarcastic roll. Or, visualize this: me sitting behind my screen with a hysterical smile that looks a bit like the chesire cat of Alice in Wonderland)

To cheer myself up I do have some pretty images to share with you...

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