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By: Mike Mills

Friday, March 12, 2010

Trick me once

Okay. So this morning wasn't my finest moment. I can conclude, however, that Hema's 60 den black tights (for all you international ones, Hema is a small department store that you can compare to.. ehmm - suggestions anyone? I find it better than M&S but not far as good as let's say a Peter Jones. Anyways, drifting off.), Hema's 60 den tights are a def must-buy for every girl out there. Only € 4,95 (sometimes even two pairs for only €8,00 - yes.) and they hardly ladder, they last for ages, and they're oh-so very strong. Even when you trip. And fall. On both your knees. In front of a crowd full of people, all waiting to either get in or get out the tram. Ever been to Amsterdam? If yes, you probably once took a ride on this horrific transportation device (from today on I will boycott all trams). Some of them have a couple steps at the doors, but the gap between the last step (or the first, depending if you are getting off or on) and the pavement is still pretty big. And thus, when wearing your latest lush black fm-booties, with heels of at least 13 cm, it is very common to see girls trip and land on both their knees and hands. Never seen it? Well, just look harder. Honestly, I cannot be the only one who has gone through such an embarrassing moment. But, at least Hema's tights proved their purpose, and although my knees were open and felt like they were on fire, I bravely stood up, smiled as to show everyone I was ok and fiercely click-clacked off. Suffering is all part of the game.

P.S. after also spraying my ankle four times today, I have to say that now, a long day with lots of walking involved, I start to feel their swing. Kelis was right: might trick me once, won't let them trip, ehh trick me twice.

P.S. (2) Photo's of the unfortunate event will not be published. Photo's of the black monsters however will come soon...

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