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By: Mike Mills

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Flirting in the rain

Have you ever had the feeling people were staring at you? I'm not talking about that freaky 40-year old man wearing white sports socks in his slippers from round the corner, but the feeling as if everyone is raising their eyebrows at you. It's as if you've got a huge yellow stripe of paint on your forehead, and people are afraid to say anything, but they can't help but look either. Normally when this happens, I'm on my way to school, biking over the Amsterdam canals and trying to avoid angry and highly insane bus drivers (don't even get me started on that one).

I quickly think back; any toothpaste on my mouth? Lip check: nope, no toothpaste.

Did my skirt blow up by the wind? Bum check: no, all good.

Any traces of other unidentified objects that I'm unaware of? Quick body check in glass window - no, that's not it either.

I do have to say the looks on peoples faces slowly change from: what the hell was she thinking this morning?! - to: that's a really interesting outfit, hm, I have something like that too...It might look nice with my flower top/biker boots/red Ray-Ban clubmaster.

So, on any normal day, when I arrive at school and I've had that strange feeling, I try to fiercely turn my back to those that - clearly - just don't understand what fashion means, and embrace the ones that do get me.

You might ask, why this - rather long - introduction?

Well, last week I had one of the above mentioned moments. I was wearing my new black dotted tights with my lovely rose printed skort (short + skirt), a white tee and my fave wedges. It was raining, but that wasn't particularly bothering me, as I felt deeply in love. With my outfit, that was. I was crossing one of the many bridges that run over the Amstel river, and saw this incredibly hot dude unloading a truck. God, that really sounds like he was some pikey truckdriver, but no, have I ever longed for sweaty, half naked muscled mover boys? Ehm... actually, coming to think about it...

No! Stop, this is distracting. Ok. So, I saw this incredibly hot guy unloading a truck and crossing the street. He turned his head and gave me THE LOOK. I smiled my loveliest smile and very content with myself I continued my way to school. (for you Dutchies: waanzinnig in m'n nopjes!)

But, arriving at school, people kept on staring. That was a first! Had I gone too far with my outfit this time? As I entered the school, I quickly glanced in the glass of the hallway doors. That boy wasn't in love with me, nor with my outfit. I suppose he just thought I was the most random person he'd ever seen in the pouring rain. With my sunglasses still on and that idiotic smile on my face I must've looked like a total freak. Well, at least a stylish freak, I thought with red cheeks, embarrassed at the thought of that guy laughing over me. I never received so many compliments on my outfit by my school buddies as I did that day, and my teacher even asked me to be her personal shopper. And when at the end of the day the sun started shining, I could wear my sunglasses on my way home without any fear. Yay!


Anonymous said...

HA! I remember that 'personal shopper'-day! ;-)
Very nice article... xxx Daisy (yes, thàt one)

Anonymous said...

Leuk leuk leuk eem! goed zo;) XX

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