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By: Mike Mills

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a mess; I am so full of stress!

No time to sleep or stare. No time to chat or joke. No time for drinks or lunch, no time for Vogue or fashiolista.com - not even time to freaking shop! The past days were filled with only one thing: my studies. The coming six weeks have been described by former firstyears as "just plain hell, without one free minute, and living on the edge." Another girl adds: "It will break you down." And with a slow and sinister voice: "Only the thoughest will survive." We have to come up with a new brand, something that embodies your vision on life and that is fresh, fashion-forward, and super 2010. My head is spinning, so I think I have to stop staring at my screen (as Photoshop and Indesign have made my eyes look like two glowing little apples). Just one more thing I wish to share: Facehunter is coming to Amsterdam to sign his books in the American Book Center! He will be coming on the 29th of May at 15.00 (check Facebook to see the invitation). Ah, cannot wait...

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