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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Modefabriek 2010

Fashion Week is hardly over, or another big event takes control of the cities fashion freaks. This past Sunday and Monday the Rai complex was transformed in a clean, white space, consisiting of six big halls that were the stage of a couple hundred fashion brands. Each of them showing the guests (shop- and store owners and pressmembers) what a unique and special concept they had. This event, called Modefabriek (transl.: fashion factory) also hosted a fashion show, called Platform. Both young designers and upcoming labels, as well as avant-garde designers, were showing their collections, divided into two groups: Next and Cutting Edge. Cutting Edge definitely lived up to their name; it was indeed quite cutting edge, as the designs were rather risky and not very usual. Next showed us wearable and some rather lovely looks. Warmi was one of the inspiring brands that will be featured in today's post. Enjoy!

Want to see more knits, pastels and funky goatskin bags? Click to go to the website.

Comfi long knitted sweaters with cute prints in pastels: soft pink, seablue and turquoise combined with handknitted shorts. Goatskinned bags mixed with colourful leather details and black lacquer bits and  funky shoes: shiny black broques with white, salmon and pink golfing flaps. All knits are handmade in Columbia, so explains the Parisien based designer Sylvia Toth, originally from Bogota, Colombia.

Warmi SS11 - Platform show 'Modefabriek' July 2010 - Next & Cutting Edge

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