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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Orange madness.

As I twittered yesterday, today a post dedicated to our men in South Africa. Being in the finals may be one achievement, dressing up in orange and still look fashionable is another. Therefore I've composed a couple stylish looks, which enable you  Dutchies to keep your fashion spirit up and also keep die orange madness alive. And if even Viktor and Rolf can pull this bright colour off, you sure can too.

Look #1: A day cheering; drinking gross beers and screaming on the top of your lungs.

Large Heart Boyfriend Blazer
Obviously, the hearts on this blazer symbolise your love for the Dutch team.

One Teaspoon Salvaged Recycled Shorts - Black
Mix this oversized boyfriend blazer with Levi's vintage bleached shorts.

Product: Minicheck Lining Authentic Gender Selector
Some orange vans will finish it.

Look #2: In honor of the exciting match on Sunday, you've decided to throw a cocktail slash 'let's all dress up in fancy dresses and drink champagne and tequila sunrises' - party and you need an elegant - but also orange - outfit. As the touristshops nearly explode with orange tees and other 'funky' (?) accessories; it's not too easy to find something sophistically orange. Some examples:

Conversion Rate
And... it's a wrap! This dress can be combined in several ways, enabling you to update your look without spending too much cash on different outfits.

Another stylish example of how orange can work in your advantage.

Supertrash — WEBSHOPhttp://images.nymag.com/fashion/fashionshows/2010/fall/main/newyork/womenrunway/

Now I only have one major advice: please don't overdo it with the selftanning lotion. Because we love orange and our men a lot, but I doubt we love them THAT much.

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