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By: Mike Mills

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sporty pleats please - Daryl van Wouw

Issey Miyake's pleats please must've been of inspiration to Daryl this season (Funny note: mum on the phone: "Is it Saturday you're going to Waryl van Douw?"), as he both pleated away with his sporty tee's and bottoms as with classy evening gowns. My favourite: the cobalt blue -  pleated - gown, with loose and low back.

The show aspect is definitely around. The beginning of the show reminds me of Iris van Herpen's show earlier this week: a pounding sound, vibrating through the air, filling the audience with excitement of what's to come. What's coming are mustard yellow leather shorts, with pleated and ruffled pockets, balloon pleated skirts and simple tee's: the sporty looks aren't very divers, as Daryl shows us a lot of the same only in different colour palettes. A subtle exotic feel is given by the coloured streaks in the model's hair, and by the headbands with golden coins, hand accessories and the big round earrings. The white gowns with coloured accessories seem a bit ancient greek inspired, and Daryl combines both the classy elegant with the sporty in a very subtle, but good way.

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