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By: Mike Mills

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hospital horror: crush turns into crash

Ever from the moment my baby and I laid eyes on each other we were inseparable. We would spend long mornings in bed together, while enjoying our morning ritual. We would have a Nespresso - what else? - and cuddle up under the covers. He's very much a pleaser, my baby, always trying to make me happy and to put a smile on my face. But we don't just find the action on those long lazy mornings in bed; we also explore cities together, we travel the world side by side. We fall asleep on long train rides, and we move a bit closer to each other when it gets colder outside. We're connected, my baby and I. He loves me, and I love him.

That's why last Friday was such a doomsday. Even though it started out fantastically - a glimpse of sun was peeking through the curtains and it was one of thóse mornings - it ended up in hospital horror and hell. While chatting my baby suddenly had a stroke. A serious one. He was shaking, then completely paralysed, and shut down. He didn’t move an inch. I started crying and figured the only cure to this horrible condition was to give him an electric shock, a cardio version operation, to defibrillate him. Perhaps then he would come back to life! If only I knew how...! Before I could undertake any action, my baby slowly came back, but was still in a rather strange state of mind. I quickly made a hysterical phone call, and was advised to pop over at the nearest first aid point. And so, there we went.  

I ran into the clean white space, with my baby, while constantly stroking him. The doctors examined him briefly and ran some tests, before coming with the devastating result: "He'll be ok, m'am", the doctor said, in his long white, three pocket cotton coat (unfortunately no McDreamy, more a McAcne) as he began his outcome. "The only bad news is that it might take five to ten working days before he’ll be its normal self again." I couldn't believe it. After first thinking my baby had died, this was of course the best news ever. But why did I still have a strange, unsettled feeling in the gut of my stomach...? Don't get me wrong, obviously I was super happy to hear my love would soon be alive and kicking again, but ten whole days without him would just make my life so empty, so meaningless... I knew it was the only right thing to do, but when handing him over to the doctors my heart broke. "Oh baby," I cried hysterically, "don't be scared, I'll be seeing you soon!". 

I know that I've only become part of his family recently, but they have been so friendly and kind to me, that it feels like I've known them for years. Only eight more working days before I get to see my baby Mac, the Apple of my eye, again.  

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