<< All we ever wanted, was everything. >>
By: Mike Mills

Sunday, October 03, 2010

To all my loved ones

Sometimes someone special crosses your path. You end up talking about the moments of happiness in your life, the memories of times you would rather forget, the goals you have set for yourself. And with a shock you suddenly realize this is a very rare encounter, this is someone you will always remember and cherish. Because it doesn't happen every day that you meet a person who will always be there for you. Someone who travels hours on end to show up at your event, because she knows it matters to you. Someone who makes sure you are safely brought home, after a night when you had far too much to drink. Or when you feel like shit, someone who takes you by the hand and pours you a good strong wodka and listens to your endless stories without ever interrupting. Because in the end, moments like those are the ones that truly matter: when your friends show you their love and make you feel happy and grateful. So that one day you can return the favour.

In loving memory of H.

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