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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fashion Week Madness

I just arrived from NYC, where I had the pleasure of going to amazing parties and dinners with Fashiolista's blogger friends. Right after our Amsterdam Fashion Week adventure, to which Fashiolista had invited five special guests (Denni - The Chic Muse, Alix - The Cherry Blossom Girl, Louise - Miss Pandora, Andy - Style Scrapbook and Carolina - Fashion Squad), it was now time for the Big Apple...

A couple highlights of the past few weeks:

- Attending the opening soiree of Jan Taminiau's surreal Haute Couture show
- Getting to do some vintage shopping with these five huge fashiolista's
- Enjoying a wonderful meal at Lionnoir
- Showing all the amazing highlights Amsterdam has to offer by boating through the canals with the G-star boat and enjoying the coziness of being amongst so many inspiring girls
- Flying out to NYC for fashion week and being able to hit the runways
- Exploring NYC's cosy restaurants such as Antique Garage and Vin et Fleurs (a little bit in love with the French owner)
- Catching up with old friends
- Doing some proper shopping with Afterdrk's Sabrina at Bloomingdales (bought these sunnies from Super), Scoop (where Sabrina bought this amazing Helmut Lang top) and Roundabout, where they have super reduced designer pieces. 
- Getting to meet lots of cool people
- Going to the bloglovin' Awards and having Chiara of the Blonde Salad win the award for newcomer of the year!

Check out all the pics of these past few weeks in the coming days at the official Fashiolista blog and start loving right away!

Photos stolen from Afterdrk

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