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By: Mike Mills

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brilliant Berlin

This Sunday it's finally happening: together with 121 other Fashion & Branding students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, I am heading off to brilliant and bubbling Berlin... 

Me and some students have been working on a city guide of this extremely exciting metropolis for quite some time now, so I know that the muchness of this city (to speak with the Hatter's words) is so very... ehm, much. So much to do and so little time! We're only staying five days, which has the sole purpose of inspiring us fashion students. We're supposed to spot trends, and turn this into an elaborate study when we come back. Not a bad thing to do of course, as this means we are being 'released' once we arrive to mainly party, shop and explore the city in all it has to offer... 

So, I promise to get back with hidden gems, trends that are bursting to explode, lots of inspiring photos and many, many fashion fairytales...

Auf wiedersehen for now.

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