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By: Mike Mills

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I heart...

...singing on sunny Saturdays!

Today was definitely one of those days. I just relaxed at the Amstel with roomies and friends all day while tons of little slopes were slowly passing by. So much to tell you guys though!

Let's see, where do I start.. I think I should first give a brief update on my Berlin trip. As I wrote the other day, me and my classmates from school (only fashion & branding first years) went to this vibrant city to take a glimpse into a different world. And it was a different world indeed. A complete change of scene. Perhaps the best way to describe Berlin is with its rawness. It's very edgy and raw, but therefore also pure, not artificial or fake at all. People tend to have a certain I-don't-give-a-care-in-the-world-about-what-you-think-of-me-air about them, which makes it a place to mix and match and be yourself. I have to say the city still breaths a sort of sadness, there's definitely a bitter bubble in the air. Berlin is often described as the graffiti city, because of its many painted bricks and walls (including one in particular...), which gives it character, and also a slightly underground vibe. Shops are interesting, fresh and new, and cafes are often decorated as living rooms, with cosy couches and a mix of different chairs and tables. Partying in Berlin is also very bubbly and energetic. Bring a mixed wardrobe as people in Berlin vary with prints and colors, though clean cuts have also been spotted. Streetstyle in the German capital is super inspiring, so bring a good camera to portray interesting looking boys and girls, and the many galleries and art expos.

Now, I'm actually a bit tired of lounging in the sun all day, so will write more about my latest fashion finds soon, including a report on Alexander van Slobbe's expo in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Ilja Vissers new brandstore on the Prinsengracht, and a list of interesting books.

XOXO you know you love me...

PS what's this gossip about Topshop coming to Holland...??

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