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By: Mike Mills

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Guess what...

OMG. Yes. Oh my freaking god. Today it's Sunday, the day that God supposedly made for us humans to take a rest of our busy lives. Lives that are filled with keeping your twitter followers up-to-date; staying in touch with your inner self by countless spa visits and yoga classes; and following the latest fads to stay as fashion fab as possible. On Sunday none of the above should take place, as God explained to Mr. Adam and Ms. Eve a little more than 2000 years ago. "No Facebook, nor Vogue or ELLE, no shopping or spending, and definitely no blogs", he said calmly, but strict.

I am very sorry to break this ancient rule, dear God, but I seem to have the uncontrollable urge to share something with the world. As many of you may know, I see the world very different than most of you. That is, I see it with a pair of crocodile Persol's. A frame that suits my face and looks nice, as I've heard over the last months. I couldn't think of myself as a person without glasses though, and the desire to see the world in all its glory and beauty without them, grew stronger and stronger every day. I know you might consider me foolish. Why no contacts? Well, just because I don't like anything plastic in my eye. (Oh, and perhaps also because I am too scared to touch my eyes. I'd like to call myself an eye-fobiac)

But last Thursday I couldn't take it any longer, and so I had my eyes lasered. Yes, just like that. Today, a little more than three days later, I can - for the first time - see how blue my eyes really are! How pretty my vintage Dior bag still looks! How adorable my new flowery summer top (with a silky pink ribbon on the back..) is! I can now watch Gossip Girl's stunning outfits (and gaze at pretty boys Dan and Nate) in all their glory... (Well, to be completely frank, I can't watch TV just yet, but I can only imagine what an amazing experience this must be in a couple of days...) 

And guess what the first thing is, I will be doing when I go back to Amsterdam...? With nothing more to do than sleep these last few days, my dreams have been filled with summery dresses, strappy sandals, and straw summer hats. I believe that I owe it to you and to the entire world to shop and see what's out there. Actually SEE what's shining so brightly in that window at the end of the street that CLEARLY is screaming for my attention. Will it be a new maxi dress? Or suede wedges with a little bow on the nose...?

To think of it now, I see a whole new opportunity rising: an addiction to sunglasses... Because now I can finally go to Primark and buy ten pairs of ridiculous 'ray bans' in every colour and actually see my friends waving at me whilst they're in the pool. Ah, it feels like life finally begins...

I have to stop writing now, because my eyes are starting to twitch. Will be back soon with updates of my life with my new eyes! See you ;)

PS Sorry for this somewhat melodramatic post. You know I love the drama. (but doesn't it also prove how hysterically happy I am...?)

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