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By: Mike Mills

Monday, May 03, 2010

It's a jungle out there... but now you can easily shop, share and show your style!

This week the website www.fashiolista.com made its entrance to cyberspace, and I have to admit it's really cool what all you fashion freaks can do here. Basically the concept is really simple. When I browse the webshops for cool finds I find that I click on everything I like, I put it in my basket, but somehow I never end up going to the counter and actually buy what I loved. Why? I don't have the slightest idea, but I suppose it has something to do with money issues and the fact that I'd like to make a list of things I like... 

Fashiolista however makes you save items you love, and so lets you create your personal wardrobe or wishlist full of pretty dresses, beautiful bags and other funky fashion finds. This way you have all your interesting might-buys from different webshops together, and you can show other fashiolistas your personal style. You can become an inspiration for other fashion victims out there, as they can start following you. But, more interesting for you is that you can have a look at items put up by others as well as they can see what you love. Nothing is more cool than seeing that the item you've added has been loved by let's say 15 other fashiolistas :)

I guess it sort of confirms that you have a nice sense of style, which can be considered a compliment, no? And I've seen lots of other interesting finds by cool fashiolistas already. And if you are actually interested in buying, Fashiolista makes the find just one click away from the actual purchase. So instead of looking over the web yourself, you have cool items handpicked by people with fashion sense. And if you find people with an interesting and inspiring style, you simply become their follower and see what they've found online, and you can copy (and paste, as you never want to be completely the same, do you?) their style!

Ah, sometimes the simplest ideas are so super fun. Go check it out, but beware, it's slightly addictive... 

PS aren't the hearts and little texts on the site super cute... I love it, but I guess you already figured...

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