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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Vespa move over, here comes Mister Chi!


Yes, yet again this is an oh-my-god moment. Perhaps not of the same size as the one from last week, but still it makes my heart pound and I feel hundreds of little butterflies flap their delicate wings against the inside of my belly. This has to do with love, I hear you think. And yes, you're right.

The object of my affection? Mister Chi. Mister Chi is adorable, refined, and so original. That's probably why the name of his new ride, the Silk, is so appropriate. Mister Chi comes from China, and he's proud of it too. Fall 2009 he launched his scooter Mister Chi Original, with tons of possibilities. That's the amazingly cool thing about this Chinese dude, you can customize and vary endlessly and make it actually YOUR ride. Vespa delivers in a standard set of colours, Mister Chi however goes beyond the line of standard, and brings you whatever you want from your new BFF. For starters, you can choose from 36 different colours. On top of that you can vary with the colours for the seperate parts of the scooters, and making it therefore a unique scooter, just the way YOU like it. And if you hand Mister Chi a photo, he will paint it on the scooter, or print your companies logo on it.
Another important aspect of Mister Chi's scooters is the fact that his rides are very economical and super silent because of the 4-tact motor and high quality scooter-parts. This spring Mister Chi brings us the Silk, his latest way of looking stylish in traffic. Because of its size and shape, ideal for hectic city life. And if you'd rather not mess your hair up by wearing a helmet, you can opt for the snorscooter (as we call it in Holland, who can tell me the English translation of a scooter that goes up to 25 km p/hr and therefore doesn't require a helmet?!). The retro fifties design looks super stylish and although this edition is delivered in six authentic colours, you can still vary wildly and personalize your ride by choosing a rack on front of the scooter, a double saddle or floor mats. And - which I find the coolest aspect of the Silk - is that they all come with a cute buddy to carry your extra wheel. I love it.

So to conclude this ode to Mister Chi, I personally think his best feature is that the scooters are customizable (is that an actual word? If not, it is now), and that they're very unique, personal and original. Don't get me wrong, Vespa still stands for elegant chic and the retro Italian feel, however, this new kid in town is definitely someone to look out for. To stand out in street traffic, a Vespa doesn't do it any more, Mister Chi on the other hand brings us new urban glam and the option to play with it.

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