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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Are you... READYTOFISH_?

Those of you living in Amsterdam have probably already noticed the city is taken over by, well, football supporters, but that’s not whom I pointing at right now. I’m talking about the buzzing vibe that the Amsterdam International Fashion Week (AIFW) has brought along! Because as from today it’s the official start of a week full of opening soirees, special pop-up stores, fashion events and… fashion shows!

This past monday however, one of Hollands greatest designers Ilja Visser, already showed her SS 11 READYTOFISH_ collection at the Brouwersgracht, in an old hidden church. I was working as their personal twitter and facebook girl to give you live updates on backstage’s preparation, and watching the show. (Backstage photo's can be found on the facebook and twitter page of READYTOFISH_, as well as on www.blog.fashiolista.com)  

The show started at 20.00 hrs, and it was filled with important members of the Dutch fashion world. The collection was a mix of coral tones, dark blues, shades of brown and beige, and silk printed blazers and dresses. The print looked as if someone had been playing with watercolour paint and the colours beautifully swirled from one into the other. Indigo jumpsuits, ink blue pleated skirts and white leather shoppers. LUSH!

The models were pale, with redish eye make up. They looked a bit sick, but in scruffy beautiful way. Curly redheads and blondes and one amazingly stunning dark girl all marched down the incredible catwalk: they came out from the upper left corner, onto a sort of boardwalk, down some steps, onto the actual catwalk, posed for the photographers and back on the boardwalk through another staircase. The background was a geometrical pattern of silver boards and enlightened white squares. A little tetris looking – super 2010 though.

Check out my blog regularly this week, as fashion week continues with more updates on shiny shows and much more!

Video: Emilie Sobels
Pictures: Peter Stigter

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