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By: Mike Mills

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fashion superficial? Anything but.

Being a fashion freak and fashion journalist-to-be, I often find myself surrounded by boys and girls that look as if they just rolled out of bed - or just rolled out of the gutter, without seeing their bed at all, going from party to after to after-after and back to party again. However, being the well-raised girl that I am, I try to never leave the house without my hairs combed and my teeth brushed. And the more I surround myself with these 'I don't care how I look, but I do look fucking fabulous' - types, the more aware I feel of myself. Perhaps I should also not comb my hair? Just leave the grass on my tee after a chill day in the park? I suppose I am just not one of those girls that has that natural flow. I look like a drenched cat that's anything but cute and sexy when I've been dancing in the rain and I leave the ropes that used to be strings of shiny hair hang next to my face. I need mascara, and a little lipgloss to feel happy and smiley. And a fresh washed little dress helps out too.

I've always been a fan of old-and-dirty looking Converse's, but this goes way beyond that point. Just go to any random festival, and you'll see the most stylish and inspiring people wandering around, dancing, chilling, popping pills, and having fun. Did this all start with miss Moss? Who partied like a rockstar, and didn't care about how she looked, which made it even more appealing. Obviously she must've cared a little, because stylish outfits don't fall out of the blue blue sky. But she is definitely one of those girls that looks even 'fucking fabulous' when she's been out and about. Respect for these natural beauties, for sure.

So did Kate teach us twenty-somethings this life lesson? This lesson of 'look as if you don't give a care in the world how you look, whether it's drugged, drunk, beaten up, washed away, like a homeless junkstar, and you'll be untouchable, intangible'? Please note that this is no judgement whatsoever on the lifestyles of the above described folks, just my mere amazement!

I don't know if we can consider Kate to be the mother of this. All I know is that I love to elevate in both worlds, just like Kate does. Because, yes, my dear readers, there is a fashion scene that moves happily next to this one. They walk hand-in-hand, these two worlds. They look at each others lives, and think: well, this might not be the life I would opt for, but that jeans [tuinpak!] jumpsuit combined with those biker boots is actually quite cool. And then integrate it in their own world.

Yesterday I was working backstage at Ilja Visser's READYTOFISH_ SS11 show. How I love the adrenaline that starts taking over when chaos, hectic stress sessions, and ultimate drama arrives. My official job was to provide those that love this feeling too, with backstage's updates. Twittering like a tweeting bird gone hysterical, and updating our facebook friends, I gave them a peek into the backstage life of a fashion show. Meanwhile offering a helping hand when needed. The guests arrived at 19.30 hrs. The show went smooth and it resulted in my infamous Chesire Cat (Alice in Wonderland) smile. Last season I was dressing the models backstage, this season I reported live from the show.

After the show the Fabulous Shakerboys truly lived up to their name, that Fizz-something drink was fabulously shaken. Chatting the night away with this completely other fashion scene (think: cocktail dresses, heels without mud and neatly make upped faces) made me realize that it's quite exceptional how these two worlds accept and live in peace next to each other. Isn't there a huge life lesson for the rest of the world in this? Two completely different lifestyles, that share one main interest - interpreted in different ways though - and don't feel a pinch of threat by the other.

Who says fashion is superficial, better rethink. They'll learn soon enough that it's anything but.

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