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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Multi Culti

New York vibe mixed with 
Parisien art inspired by amazing Africa

John Galliano has five on his front lawn, the Kube hotel in Paris has a couple, as well as Sharon Stone and Pierre Cardin, who are all big fans. Predators in shocking colours like neon pink, risky red, bold black and shiny silver, represent the pop-art movement of the 21st century.

Singer Susanna Kay is a little hesitant as well

Richard Orlinski is the artist responsible for bringing the wild life of Africa to the fashion world. Sculpting very sexy crocodiles and panthers for his 'born wild' collection, they're just as fashionable as a new pair of Louboutins. I was at the press opening of the Rize Art Gallery in Naarden this week, where Orlinski was exhibiting his work. This French sculpter, born in Paris, made a huge impression. In the New Yorkish gallery setting, the works came to life and for a moment I felt tempted to bounce back when first seeing the big mouth of the nearly two meter long crocodile, even though the animal was a shocking pink.

Mozart Guerra's target: a soft strokable rhino

But there's more wild life in the Rize Art Gallery to be seen: Mozart Guerra makes your head spin and hypnotizes you completely. His 'target' is a rhino completely covered in black and white strings, so real, it's hard to withstand the urge to stroke its forehead. Its wrinkles, its ears and its mouth, are so perfectly refined, that you can only imagine going crazy after setting up the first rows of black and white strings...
These tones mix very well, and from a distance you get the real greyish colour that rhinos normally carry.

Mozart Guerra's monkey's

This leaves me with only one thing to say: twice a month this gallery has a 'long weekend', which means it's open to the public from thursday to monday, showing all its amazing and provocative works of art, the way you find it in NYC.

More about other inspiring artists at the Rize Gallery next week...

Guaranteed to scare unwanted visitors off: the born wild collection by
Richard Orlinksi is so much more than just a funky accessory in the house.
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