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By: Mike Mills

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Uniting the nude in Amsterdam

Model Claire Granlund wearing THE heels and a dress designed by Iris van Herpen as well.
Iris van Herpen's designs rarely cover up the entire body. Strips of leather, small cut pieces and little peeks and openings make sure there's always some skin showing. Ever since I was blown away by her show at the opening soiree of Amsterdam Fashion Week, I'm a big fan of this very talented Dutchie. Perhaps nudity is not the first feature you think about when describing van Herpen's style, however shoe designer Rem Koolhaas thought it would be an interesting collaboration between van Herpen and his shoe label United Nude, and so he decided to unite the nude. The result: a pair of extremely sexy, amazingly high heeled booties, with the attitude of Haute Couture and the edge of a kinky SM whip to it. Available in two colours - cream and black - this collaboration asked for a celebrating party.

The result of the collaboration in cream

Blogger buddies Yara and Andy 
Fashion fabulous model and designer Jean-Paul Paul

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