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By: Mike Mills

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dedicated to the white tee.

It's time for some serious confessions. I finally figured out why I am attracted to certain men and not to others. I know; eureka, hallelujah, amen - you name it.

Last Thursday I went out with the girls since it was Amsterdam Dance Event. The entire city was covered with little yellow tags showing where dance addicts could get their music fix. Obviously ADE attracts many tourists, but that's also the beauty of a week like this: everyone - regardless of sex, age or nationality - unites in name of the DJ.

However, at one point I was dancing to the hypnotizing tunes of a particular DJ, and although it was not white tee Wednesday, when I opened my eyes I found myself blinded by four white tees that were surrounding me. I looked at one very handsome white tee and smiled, continued my dance, turned my head, and noticed another one. I decided to send him a smile too. I walked to the bar and came across another two pairs of very good looking white tees; a little confused I walked along. The bartender - god was he handsome - was, not surprisingly, wearing a white tee. I came back with drinks and started dancing again; this time with a black tee. Somehow it didn't feel right and although I normally don't wish to discriminate, I turned to the white tee beside me and started chatting. But then another interesting white tee caught my eye, thus I apologized, smiled and mysteriously disappeared in the crowd searching to get another glimpse of that wonderful white wearer.

What more do you need?
I can go on and on about the delicious contrast between a good dark coupe and that almost luminous white tee. No worries, I won't.
I must admit, I felt like a butterfly that night: fluttering from one desirable white tee to the other. I never noticed how many differences there are in a simple white tee: you've got v-necks and crew necks, scoop necklines and sewn hems, short sleeves and long sleeves, tight fitted ones or those that loosely curl around the hems. It's an entire industry!

A plain white tee does the trick.
So... Care to impress me? Wear a plain white tee, and you'll be sure of some of my attention.

PS 1] The Urban Dictionary has some interesting definitions of the white tee.

PS 2] Please note: this is NOT what I mean by sexy white tees...

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