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By: Mike Mills

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fashion obsession: hat it or forget it.

Heart Double Frame Clasp Purse

Love it!

T-shirt rose poudré impriméGraham Cracker ClocheVintage Prodigy Cloche Elastic Suede Wide BeltHeart Double Frame Clasp PurseLook: Voltinha na praça com o frio ainda modesto...Juicy Couture Wool Felt FedoraLook: Moda Vintage- Passeio Ao Ar Livre

Love me filted or folded,
feathered or fine.

Just remember that whenever outside it's wet,
I don't mind protecting your pretty head.
Grey Black Rose Fedora by Paul Smith AccessoriesGang Hatundefinedundefinedundefinedcream knitted panda with cream ears beanieVintage Fine Feathered HatundefinedMermaid Skull Long T-Shirt by Illustrated People**STELLA MCCARTNEYPailletes billfoldT-shirt Playsuit

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Soho500 said...

Love hats! Not everyone can wear one though.

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