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By: Mike Mills

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Inner frustration

So. What to do when you're angry...? Several times today I've feared an explosion when confronted with those that have caused my bad temper. I have been frustrated to the bone these past days, and I know for a fact that if my classmates were to read this post, they can only guess why. Yes, it's study related.

Anyhow, I do find ways to deal with my aggressiveness: the kitchen has never looked cleaner, the bathroom had a make over and I washed my hair three times to calm down under the shower. That may seem a little absent minded, but although I am exhausted because of the inner frustration, I feel sharp and alert. I did however need something to cheer me up. And whenever I feel like this, there's only two things that can calm me down and put a serene smile on my face: an unlimited gift card to spend at a certain French maison at rue Cambon; or - much easier and way cheaper - pretty photography.

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