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By: Mike Mills

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fashion obsession: the simple tee

Reiss Online | 1971 Reiss | Jasmin-60% Marino top peachy - By Malene BirgerKain Pocket TankT-shirt med lommer by Vanessa Bruno Athe. Køb produkter fra verdens mest efterspMarni Virtual Store T-shirt manica corta Donna - Autunno Inverno - Marni T-shirtMeliah VeeRELAXED T-SHIRT IN NOVELTY JERSEY - ReissLook: Just let go, just be.Your Safe With UsKain Pocket TankBretelle Top - Vanessa BrunoAmanda Sheer Go Green Eco Vest - Go Green M by M

You're not the boldest thing,
But you're all I want in Summer and Spring.

You may be simple and a little plain,
But, sweet tee, I love you all the same.

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Anika Sweetfaced Style - Self Worth Activist said...

beautiful pics! I love this kind of simple effortlessly chic. <3

R. Gratz said...

Love a girl in something tight but when they're wearing something loose and flowly... that's just really sexy confidence. Great picks!


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