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Friday, October 08, 2010

Inspiring artist: Joseph Klibansky's colourful world of fun

Joseph Klibansky's colourful world of fun

Remember how a couple weeks ago I paid a visit to the Rize Art Gallery in Naarden? It's that amazing space where pop art meets the 21th century. Got it? Well, I haven't told you about one of the main artists that was showcasing his work here. Joseph Klibansky is the artist responsible for crazy coloured works of art, mixing all kinds of media to create a lively, surreal, but very positive vibed atmosphere. He uses hundreds of photographs, that he edits on the computer and finally after printing, paints with neon colours before they are covered with resin: a shiny look that gives it the impression to be printed on glass.
Inspiring environment: the Rize
Art Gallery in Naarden
Singer Susanna Kay shows me the
wonderful world that artist Joseph Klibansky
has created. Curious to who this
blonde beauty is? An interview is
coming up soon, so keep checking
my blog regularly!

Upstairs: amazing art in the Rize Art Gallery continues

They're Here

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R. Gratz said...

Wow... the work looks phenomenal!!! Thanks for sharing... I'm off to search more about him, haha.


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