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By: Mike Mills

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hell yeah, London baby.

In less than two weeks I'm finally going back to the place where I always feel happy, smiley and very much alive: London town baby! With two friends F. and A. we're about to set the city on fire.

Clockwise, starting from the upper left photo: glam gorgeous at Austique, Kings Rd;
fashion victim captured in real life at Duke of York Square; Iron wiring spotted close to
Tate Modern; Hydrangea and another sequinned top at Austique.
Photos by Emilie Sobels, London 2009
I cannot wait to go to Camden, to check out the very vintage stables, the cool and eccentric Londoners and original fashion finds. I want to wander around Chelsea, pretend to be very intellectual, art-loving and successful young ladies, drink tea at one of the little café's, let ourselves be amazed by the unusual works at the Saatchi, stare at the all the inspiring books at the little Taschen Bookstore and pay a visit to the lovely Austique Boutique on Kings Rd. Ofcourse a visit to Topshop cannot miss my to-do-list when in London, and although we will certainly take a peek at that insanely large one on Oxford Circus, I do prefer the Topshop in Kensington High Street. I want to pop into dark and grungy pubs, go to a show in West End, head to a club, enjoy a ride in a British taxi, because they are so cosy and cute and I have the best memories cruising the streets of London in a taxi. I want to check out Old Bond st for fashion inspiration, then head to New Bond st to shop. I want to spend hours in Notting Hill, at the Portobello Market and spot designer diamonds. I long to wander around the V&A, and eat a cupcake at the Hummingbird Bakery. I want to catch up with my friend J., who I don't see very often and who should give me a serious update of her recent whereabouts. I should visit the London University of the Arts, to check out if I want to take a course there. A lot on my to-do-list. But we will have over three entire days to fully enjoy all the lovely things London has to offer. Let's hope the best moments are those discoveries that are not yet on my to-do-list...

Now all we need is a place to crash. Any pillows available that we might lay our pretty little heads on?
Clockwise, starting from the upper right photo: Camden Town by night; Cruising the
streets of lovely London in J's Mini Cooper; 'Frock me!'-vintage surprise in Chelsea Library.
Photos by Emilie Sobels, London 2009
Clockwise, starting from the upper right photo: "When is it ok to kiss someone?
When they're rich."; Vivienne Westwood's little shop in Chelsea,
World's end; Happy at Hummingbird. Photos by Emilie Sobels, London 2009
For my Dutchies - check this link for an ode to my fave city in the world.

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Tala said...

AAAAAhhhh!!I'm also going to London!!!
It's gonna be grat I know already!!!I can't wait!!!
Enjoy your trip!

Emilie said...

Thanks! I am so excited... haven't been in far too long! When are you going? xxx

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