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By: Mike Mills

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Talking to the moon

Although it's already February, it's still a new year and a new day, and thus time for a change. Over the past month I've put some thought into my new year's resolutions, but struggled coming up with good ones. And as I heard the Maya's made a miscalculation, I feel pretty relieved I don't have to worry anymore about accomplishing every life goal in one year. I still have until 2220 to let all my dreams come true.

That's why I have made the decision of letting things come as they are, taking them one by one. Letting go has never been harder, but also feels so much nicer. 
"Thank God the Maya's made a miscalculation: now I have at least until 2220 to let all my dreams come true."
I must say, life in 2011 has been really kind to me so far. I've made a couple amazing new friendships, met some really cool people, attended fabulous parties and shows and now Fashiolista is even letting me go to NYC... 

Right now I couldn't be happier and more grateful for all this goodness that is coming my way. However, it does scare me a little, as the saying 'all good things come to an end' keeps whispering its way in my mind. All good things may come to an end, but let's hope that will only happen somewhere at the end of December, when a new year will mean a new start again. I promise to catch all the glistening confetti with my tongue. 

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Wien. said...

enjoy NYC!!!

Eef en Lot said...

Leuke blog heb jij zeg! Echt allemaal super orgineel enzo!

Trouwens.. ik weet niet of je het leuk vind om eens te kijken.. maar ik heb ook een blog, of misschien zelfs te volgen? (je weet nooit!)

Ik zou zeggen ga zo door met leuke berichten plaatsen! YOU GO GIRL!



Maddalena said...


dEJOISS said...

Is it real?! Cool! I have so much to do yet! :)


SC said...

This picture is amazing!

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